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Here at Arteck Walls, we deliver top-notch interior and exterior designs to suit your needs. No matter the type of project, we can help make for you the perfect signage, murals, banners, decals, vinyl letters, and more!
  1. Residential Projects
    Residential Projects
  2. Commercial Branding and Advertising
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About Us
Visual or graphic art comes in many forms. Out of all of them, murals are considered especially significant because they bring art to the public sphere. 

Many companies have, in fact, used murals to help increase people's awareness of their brand. This is a highly advantageous for brand visibility as murals are part of the landscape. Because of their sheer size, as well as strategic locations, everyone is bound to see them.
The usual customers of Arteck Walls include corporate advertisers, city planners, housing developers, and other residential projects. Celebrities and fashion designers have also tapped our services in the past!

Arteck Walls serves the following areas: 
  • Los Angeles
  • Malibu
  • Orange County
  • Santa Monica
  • Sunset Area
  • Thousand Oaks
  • West LA